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Ray Charles - My First Night Alone Without You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ray Charles - My First Night Alone Without You - аккорды и текст, видео

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My First Night Alone Without You
Ray Charles
Ray Charles (also covered by Bonnie Raitt, David Cassidy, Bobby Darin, and others)

Intro: Gm F Eb F, Gm Bb F C
Verse 1
Gm      F       Eb      F
There is an aching in my head
Gm      Bb      F       C 
From the bed I can't get used to
Gm      F       Eb      F
It's these little hours in the dark, I dread
Gm      Bb      F        C              Cm
As I spend my first night alone without you

Verse 2
Gm      F       Eb      F
Honey, half of me has gone away
       Gm       Bb      F       C 
With all the love I learned to cling to
     Gm         F       Eb      F
Tomorrow I'll have to find another way
   Gm           Bb      F       C               Cm
To live the rest of my life alone without you

Cm  Bb          
You taught me how to live
     Eb      F     Bb      Dm
How to be myself and how to give
Oh, but now it's you
     Cm         F
Who's given up on giving
Bb      Dm              Eb
You've lost the thing, no one to teach                  
Eb                      Dm
You're changing and now you're out of reach
Cm      Ab
And my life tonight
Ab              F
Just don't seem worth living, no, no

Verse 3
Gm      F       Eb      F
I've been sitting learning how to be
Gm      Bb      F       C
Cuz back in school I never liked to
Gm      F       Eb      F
It's just one of those little things I'm gonna need
Gm      Bb      F       C       Cm      
As I put my life together now without you

Bb F Gm         Bb      Eb      Bb      Cm      Eb G

Добавлено: 24.04.2016
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