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Raul Midon - Expression Of Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Raul Midon - Expression Of Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Expression Of Love
Raul Midon
Am           Am(Ma7)
How would it be,
Am7        Eb9             AbMa7
If you and me, through our love,
Could improve the world?
Am           Am(Ma7)      
How would it be 
Am7         Eb9          AbMa7
if we would see with our hearts?
            DbMa Gb13           AbMa7
It would be sweet expression of love.
Am          Am(Ma7)
How does it feel
Am7          Eb9       AbMa7
When you reveal to someone that they've found a friend?
Am          Am(Ma7)
How does it feel 
Am7          Eb9           AbMa7
when someone whispers your name?

             C# F#13             AbMa7
Feels like a sweet expression of love
Expressions of love
         F#13       AbMa7
Can't deny even when we're saying goodbye
                 D6add9                      Gb13add9
And just when it feels as if love's at an end
         Cm7                 Eb#9 Eb9 Eb7
It comes back again like the sun in spring
That's the way of everything.
Here's to hope and…(time)

Chord Voicings:

  Am Am(Ma7) Am7  Eb9 AbMa7 C#  F#13 D6add9 Gb13add9 Cm7 Eb#9 Eb9 Eb7 Bbsus2

I've done the hard part and now stumming is up to you, enjoy!
Добавлено: 12.06.2012
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