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Raspberries - If You Change Your Mind - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Raspberries - If You Change Your Mind - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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If You Change Your Mind
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 14:50:05 -0500
From: Andrew Rogers 
Subject: ./r/raspberries/if_you_change_your_mind.crd

                       "If You Change Your Mind"
                             (Eric Carmen)

[Note: the acoustic guitar is probably capoed at the first fret and
 played in D.]

Verse 1: (first four lines w/acoustic guitar)

	           Eb        Cm       Ab7M       Bb13 [x13133]
	Well, it's all been said, it's over now
	             Eb         G    Ab7M      Bb13
	I guess that I should leave
	               Eb       Cm    Ab7M        Bb13
	'Cause there's nothing left for me to do
	          Eb       G    Ab7M     Bb13
	Except to set you free

	           Ab                Gm
	So let me leave now before I cry
	             Fm7        Bb7       Gm    Eb7
	I'll just go back to my room and hide
	          Ab                Gm
	And never let noone else inside
	            Fm7   Bb7
	To do this again


	But if you change your mind, won't you take some time
	And let me know that you still want me too
	       /Bb        Ab           /G     Fm      Bb
	'Cause I'll wait night and day    to hear you say
	                Eb          Cm
	That you have changed your mind
	           Fm          Bb
	Won't you change your mind
	   G/B          Cm         F       Bb13
	If you should change your mind, oh yeah

Verse 2 (full band throughout):

	Well, I tried so hard to be the one
	That you were dreaming of
	But I guess it wasn't quite enough
	To make you fall in love
	So walk away, leave me by myself
	And let me crawl back into my shell
	And be the me that I know so well
	Before I met you

[repeat chorus]


	                    Eb    Eb7/C#
	I'll be waiting at home
	                       Ab/C    Fm7-5/B
	Just call me up on the phone
	                   Eb                      Eb+/B
	And I'll be by your side, there's no reason to hide
	                   Eb6/C                    Eb7/C#
	If you need me just call, don't you worry at all
	        Eb        Ab/Eb                     Ab+/E
	But if this is the end and I can't see you again
	                  Ab6/F                        Ab7/F#
	I just can't carry on, it's so hard when you're gone
	         Ab             C#/Ab         C#+/A
	It's so hard when you're gone,  oh no
	      C#6/Bb       C#7/B
	Oh no        oh no   oh
	 C#         F#       Ab/F#
	Baby don't leave, oh baby
	          B/F#   C#/F
	Baby don't go
	     Bb        (Eb)
	Oh, baby, don't go

[repeat chorus to end; fade 4th time]

-- another ace 70's tab from Andrew Rogers
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