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Rasberry Jam - Hand Me Down Hate - таба, видео

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Rasberry Jam - Hand Me Down Hate - таба, видео

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		   "Hand Me Down Hate"
by Raspberry Jam
from the album, "Chi-Rho"
Lyrics by J. Brennen/ P. Kun/ A Short
Music by J. Brennen & RB
copyright 1993
transcribed by Kent Caperton

     Am					Em	  G

Chorus:   G   F#  Am  D	    D

I opened up the paper
Read a story of hate and lies
Another cross has been burned
Another family terrorized
I turn on the television
All the images that I see 
Prophecy a future
of hate and misery

How can you give your children
Your hand me down hate?
How can you stain their hearts and minds?
How could you ever think that God
Would honor your hate?
Your hate in the name of Jesus Christ

Verse 2:
The titles of your churches
They use my Lord's name in vain
the message that you're preaching
Prostitutes His holy name
The teachings that you're teaching
Man, they sound to me insane
The lies I hear you speaking
Are both poison and profane


Bridge (Oohs and Ahhs)

Verse 3: (chords get put on distortion and rhythm picks up quickly)
How can yo like the feeling
Of hatred in your blood?
What is it you're concealing
underneath that big white hood?
Whether it's religion
Or the color of your skin
No matter what the reason
your hatred is a sin

Because I am not deceived
By the prayers I hear you pray
I can't help you believe
You'll not escape the Judgment Day

(rhythm slows down w/ bridge chords and mumbling)

I don't understand! (sudden ending and drums)
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