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Ramshackle Glory - Song For A Chicken Named Jenny - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ramshackle Glory - Song For A Chicken Named Jenny - аккорды и текст, видео

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Song For A Chicken Named Jenny
Ramshackle Glory
Song For a Chicken Named Jenny
Artist: Pat the Bunny Schneewies
Album: The Mark Inside
Transcribed by: A.I.
Notes: Just listen to get the correct strumming. I'm pretty much tone deaf but I'm 
pretty sure the chords are close, the strumming might get changed up but I think 
its the same 4 chords through out the song. Please feel free to correct and i'll 
keep this up to date. Send me any suggestions to

Palm muted strum into  
C,G,Am,F 2X
Verse 1:
C                       G           Am.               F
I eat ciggaretes for breakfast, and coffee for lunch.
For dinner I lay in the dirt and wait for the end times to come.

I wish I could tell you the truth but when I do it comes out sounding stupid.

But meet me at four in the morning and see for yourself.

There's sunrise and sunset that's all I really gotta know.

The rest is a prison that I build for myself.

On my worst nites, I'd still burn down the city just for a peaceful nites rest.

But here in your arms my darling, I think that can wait.

Or I hope it can.

Verse 2:

I murdered a chicken for breakfast, and ate it for lunch.

She was beautiful, she was scrappy, she was as mean as they come.

And I told her on the way to the chopping block, Chaos reigns over as all.

One day I'll be worm food with Jenny, first its your turn.

There's sunrise and sunset and then there's the day that I die. 

All the rest is a prison or else its a lie.

At my worst times I'd still murder a traffic cop to get out of a ticket.

But here in your arms my darling police don't exist.

Or I hope the doooooooohhooooonnnn't, I hope they doooooooohhhooonnnn't.

I hope they doooooooooooohhhooonnnnt', I hope they don't.
Добавлено: 09.06.2013
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