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Rachel Stevens - Sweet Dreams My Lax - аккорды и текст, видео

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Rachel Stevens - Sweet Dreams My Lax - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sweet Dreams My Lax
Rachel Stevens
Rachel Stevens - LAX

A  - 577655
Dm - x57765
Bb - 688766

Only Three cords really used in this song the problem is hitting
them at the write time, basically the progression is:

A A Dm Dm Dm Bb A A  - again and again


A A  Dm   Dm
Hey, hang your....

Dm                    Bb      A     A
Cause there's nothing left to prove now

Same for the chorus, but to play it well listen to the song. On
the off beat there are 2 strong downward strokes of each cord
with a beat of a couple of mutted  xxxxxx  cords in between

If I....                               in your


                     I'd wor.........ry    about... 

..the effects


And so on. For the "what plant are you from" pre-chorus I just 
strum along normally. The bridge "Does it make you feel" is 
one strike of each of the cords, with the progression mixed
up, so you can work that out for yourselves. 

Finally the solo sounds best if you just finger plick or just 
go really fast plucking the high strings of each cord in the 
same cord progession, hit the E (6th) string then pluck the top 
four all mixed up and really fast. Repeat acCORDingly for each 
beat. Get it.. accordingly... cord ... brilliant. anywho enjoy.

Jack McCarthy

Добавлено: 15.06.2013
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