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Quiet Morning And The Calamity - Son Of The Sad Soul - аккорды и текст, видео

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Quiet Morning And The Calamity - Son Of The Sad Soul - аккорды и текст, видео

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Son Of The Sad Soul
Quiet Morning And The Calamity
Son of the Sad Soul
by Quiet Morning & the Calamity
"Son of the Sad Soul" EP - (c) 2014

Capo 3
Intro G C G C (x2) acoustic only

G                                     C
Lived a day passed what I thought I'd ought to.
G                                 C
Ten years longer than I thought I would.
G                                  C
Saw sunrise after sunrise - wasted nights and tired eyes.
D                                        C  G
A day is just a day when you're alright.
G                                         C
The world around me just goes right on spinning.
G                     C
Has no idea of joy or pain.
G                                            C
Just turns and burns and hangs out every morning.
D                                    C  G
'Til we're carried off into the sky.

G                    C   D  G 
But it don't always come so easy.
               C        D       Em   
Doesn't always end the way it should.
             C    D    G
Not always a storybook ending.
               Am         C        D
Not always the best.  Not always good.

Intro (x2)

G                                  C
Got whiskey on my mind and on my breath.
G                                      C
I kept it close to me - there's nothing left.
G                                          C
I smoked my mind to nothing.  Lost my sense of what to do.
D                                           C  G
Lost everything in life worth losing, too.

        Am                 G        
But I ought to slow down.  I shouldn't ask why.
 Am                                   G
I shouldn't sing the songs about my best friends who have died.
Am                                  G
I can't keep focused on the saddest moments of my life.
 Am                               D
Got to see a new horizon.  Got to see the brighter side.


Repeat last line of chorus once and end on G instead of D
Добавлено: 04.07.2015
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