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Quiet Morning And The Calamity - 27 Years - аккорды и текст, видео

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Quiet Morning And The Calamity - 27 Years - аккорды и текст, видео

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27 Years
Quiet Morning And The Calamity
27 Years
by Quiet Morning & the Calamity
"Son of the Sad Soul" EP - (c) 2014

Intro G C G C (x2)

G                         C             G
Long as I'm alive, I will be my father's son.
C                 G             D
Go from town to town to find my way.
G                               C                   G
Playing this guitar and singing songs about these roads,
C                      G            D
I went down from the time I was a child.
There was good hearted women.
           C                   G
There was sunshine.  There was rain.
     C                  G                  D  
The whole world changed around me - I'm the same.
G                                  C             G
Tomorrow is a cloudy shade of all I've done 'til now.
          C                 G           D   
Drinking all my beer and whiskey 'for I go to lay me down.

C                                       G
The road will give you pleasure. Oh the road will bring you pain.
    D                                C             G
The truth of life gets tested as you go along your way.
C                                   G
Days turn quick to night time every hour on the run.
 D                        C             G
At 27 years, Lord, give me just another one.

Intro (x2)

G                        C                 G
Got a little lady back at home who misses me.
C                           D
Freckles in her eyes - her lips so soft and sweet.
      G                                    C           G
She tells me how she loves me.  How she hates to see me go.
  C               G           D
I miss her every hour I am out here on the road.

Intro (x2)

Em                     C                   D                  Em
In the first year, I was learning.  In the fifth, I joined a band.
 Em                        C                  D                  Em
In the tenth, I played for Jesus.  Four years down, worked for the man.
Em                        C             D             Em
In the fifteenth, was a rock and roller rebel with a dream.
Em                        C                  D    
Twenty-something's got to give.  I've got to do this now for me.


Same as intro
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