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Queensryche - Someone Else? - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Queensryche - Someone Else? - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Авторы музыки: Chris DeGarmo, Geoff Tate

Someone Else?
Here is a simple version of one of Queensryche's best songs.

It's surprisingly easy to play, and the basic progression can be 
transposed up and down depending on the key you're comfortable with.

The earlier tab was pretty inaccurate. Apologies for that :-(

The correct version is in the key of G# minor and can be played with a 
single guitar, either acoustic or electric.

If you find all the barre chords difficult, a simple step is to tune a half step 
up and play Am, G, etc. . .

Someone Else?
Lyrics: Geoff Tate
Music: Chris DeGarmo
From the album "Promised Land" (1994)


Abm / F#

Verse 1:

Abm              F#
When I fell from grace... (etc.)

Abm / F# (repeatedly)


C#m7                    Abm
They used to say I was nowhere, man. . .
C#m7                    Abm
And heading down was my destiny,
C#m7             E
But yesterday, I swear,
That was someone else, not me!

You can alternate between F# and F#sus4 leading into the chorus.

E             C#m7         Abm
    Here I stand, at the crossroads' edge,
E             C#m7         Abm
    Afraid to reach out for eternity..
E             C#m7             F#
    One step, when I look do-o-wn,
            Ebm             Abm   
    I see someone else, not me

The second chorus ends a little differently:

   Abm           F#
...looking back
   Abm              F#m       Abm      F# 
...looking back and I see... someone else?

Solo chords are G#m / F#

After the second chorus, go straight to the bridge and play the final chorus.
When playing the last few lines, use the same chord progression as at the
end of the second chorus.

End on a silence ("someone else?" with F#, no chord for "me...?")

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