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Psyched Up Janis - Shudder - аккорды и текст, видео

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Psyched Up Janis - Shudder - аккорды и текст, видео

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Psyched Up Janis
Transcribed by: Henric Hungerhoff (this is all my own work)

Artist: Psyched Up Janis
Album: Swell (released in '95)
Song: Shudder

These are the tabs for the chords used in the song.

   Asus       e7	 G	   D   

E ---3---   ---3---   ---3---   ---2---
B ---3---   ---3---   ---3---   ---3---
G ---2---   ---0---   ---0---   ---2---
D ---2---   ---2---   ---0---   ---0---
A ---0---   ---2---   ---2---   -------
E -------   ---0---   ---3---   -------

Start playing:  Asus ---- e7 ---- G ---- D ---- soon after the drums
enter and repeat this figure through the whole song.
Use a heavy distortion with a lot of highs and only little bass to get the
right sound. 
You should and use a distortion that you would never
use to play whole chords because you can't hear any single notes anymore -
then you have it setup correctly for shudder.

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