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Project Pat - Puttin Hoez On Da House - текст песни, видео

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Project Pat - Puttin Hoez On Da House - текст песни, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
(feat. Three 6 Mafia)

[DJ Paul]
Now it's time for some true false playas
To jump off on the shit
Dat nigga dat's puttin the hoez on da house
And making them choose a whole crew
This is Dj Paul..The Mothafucking killer man
Head to the road, blow it
Till my bitch got my dick in her hand
Isn't it true..where's the rest of my crew
She gotta do, what she gotta do, like get my dick sucked
They gotta get there's sucked to
The System six mafia
Making these hoez do some freaky shit
Stick the dick, in your mouth, take it out and take a lick
Every Hoe, is a bitch, and every bitch is a hoe to get turned out
We putting these hoez on da house
[Lord Infamous]
Well I guess all you niggaz be knowin' 
That some of these bitches, they are kinda filthy
Lord Infamous, 
i'm rubbing there lips up & down with the silky
Let's get raw-down on my dick
Before I start to penintrate
And break a bitch in..... I gotta have it.. for Heaven sakes
ScareCrow, I love the groupie bitches on me jock-ah
I feel-ah, I feel-ah feel-ah Figgity Bootie rockah
I want cha super-thick, dat's bitches that stand out
Lord Infamous, I urge you be putting the hoez on da house

[Project Pat]
Riding in the park on a sunday afternoon
I know where there's a card game and I'm going soon
Sooner or later I'll get this beat
From these Fraiser green rhyme-freakz
Heat, the grill, up for the barbeque
They've got the weed... So I'll bring the brew
You.. should know, we brings it alive
I never smoke weed.. but I'll drink 4 5
High as hell.. is how they gonna be
Two are 19, and the other's 23
Me & C, know how to run this
Him and me, fucking 3 bitches,winches
Done easy with the hookup
Hoez get sleazy when there fucked up
But...A real nigga'z gonna turn it out
By calling up my niggz
And puttin them hoez on da house
Добавлено: 24.02.2012
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