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Procol Harum - Dead Mans Dream - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Procol Harum - Dead Mans Dream - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
Авторы музыки: Gary Brooker
Авторы текста: Keith Reid
Dead Mans Dream
Procol Harum
02 Dead man's dream       From "Home" composed by Brooker-Reid 

Dm  E7    Cm     Ebm  D D7

Bbm           F      Fm               Eb       
As I lay down dying,   a floor for my bed  
Bbm             F         Fm        Eb     Cm7
And a bundle of newspaper under my head  
Ebm7       B         Ab7             Cm/G
I dreamed a dream, as strange as could be  
Cdim     Bbm/C#  C               Fm bass: F E F G     
Concerning myself,  and somebody like me  

Ab    Eb  Ab Gm Eb,Bb/D,C#dim

Bbm               F  Fm                 Eb
We were in some city,   the stranger and me  
Bbm             F     Fm               Eb    Cm7 Ebm
The houses were open, and the streets empty  
                  B   /A  Ab              Cm
The windows were bare, and the pavements dirty  
F#o             Bbm  C7              Fm (Bass F,E,F,G)
I asked where I was;    my companion ignored me  

Ab  F/A  Bbm

Bbm                        F#m7/A
We entered a graveyard and searched for a tombstone  
     E/G#                  F#m                   
The graves were disturbed, and the coffins wide open  
E                          Bm/D                    
And the corpses were rotten,   yet each one was living  
      C#m                          Bm        A      G F#5
Their eyes were alive with maggots crawling  

Bbm                 F#m7/A   
I cried out in fear,       but my voice had left me  
    E/G#              F#m
My legs were deformed,              yet I moved quite freely  
E             bass(E,F#,Ab,A,B,C#) Bm/D                   E        
 My head was on fire,                  yet my hands were icy  


 C#m                                  Bm             
And everywhere light, yet darkness engulfed me  

A G F#5

solo on: Dm  E    Cm     D5

Bbm            F          Fm           Eb
I managed to scream and woke from my slumber  
Bbm             F         Fm        Eb           Cm7  Ebm7
I thought of my dream and lay there and wondered  
             B    Ab             Cm
Where had I been? What could it mean?  
F#dim               Bbm
It was dark in the deathroom 

as I slithered under 

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