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Prince - Brother With a Purpose - текст песни, видео

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Prince - Brother With a Purpose - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
MC T on a hit and to make sure I don't miss,
Kick the beat as this fool persists

Step off me, get the hell off, well I'm riding
Flowing with this funky beat, you suckers keep on tryin'a
Diss this, uh-uh, I ain't having it
Sucker duck, understand my schedule work too heavy
I'm a man, I mean, sometimes it seems hammer claim
But I can still cop a lean and explain to you
An MC who's got beef, I'm giving grief to disbelief
You said that I was new to this well put me on your hit list
I'm 'quipped to rule, and I squash all the bull

We got our own ideas!
We got our own ideas!

Antogonistic action, it's just a fraction
Of what I feel for you, I'll take my time in a rhyme
Yo, let's bust a move, I'm steppin' with confidence
Yes I know it's evident, a backseat to you that's irrelevant
You see it's like this, you shot and missed, and now it's my turn
You learn, you mess with the fire, you burn. and it's a heat up
Situation sticky
You're the duck, huh,  I won't be picky, I'm bassin'
You're chasing a dream that I'm livin'
You stupid pigeon, cause even with the high flow, I keep a low pro
You step off on me, and that's a sho' nuff n.o.
I mean a no-go
Yeah, something like that

We got our own ideas! (yeah, yeah)
We got our own ideas! (yeah, yeah)

Fuck it, you're tryin' to step on my tip, yeah

{on top of a slow NPG chorus:}
I'm a brother with a purpose			(pump it up, T)
So I'll take my time and serve this right
Despite the negativity,
Never want society to get the best of me
You sold out, just another fool, holdin' out
On the pockets of my brothers tryin' to get clout
Step back, cast the vapors, your vision's blurred, check out my behaviour
Calm, cool, never sweat the issue (so what you're saying?)
What I'm saying is that we're past due
Gotta stand up and be counted, can't you see the trouble keeps mountin', boy
And I won't stand for it, so get off
Cause I'm about to have a fit
You can't step unless you step legit
Enough talk y'all, this is it, let's get ill with this
Yeah, yeah

Suckers are trying to step off on my tip
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