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Primal Scream - A Jake Supreme - текст песни, видео

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Primal Scream - A Jake Supreme - текст песни, видео

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In Scotland we flatter the English

By giving victories over them a significance

They don't fuckin merit.

If it was such a big deal to defeat the English

Other countries wouldnae get so fuckin bored doin it.

In every hick town in Caledonia

Across this pseudo nation

You can see the most fucked up scum

that was shat into creation

Where a blue McKewan's lager top equals

no imagination

You're hunbelievable 

You're hunbelievable

Think you're a success

Your psyche's a mess

Your economy is in distress

You're hunbelievable

The mystery of Scottish sport

Is why we hate the English so.

I love the English very much

As long as they don't fuckin beat us

in the European nations cup

Sitting outside Wembely in '79, 

Jock punks in London,massive carry out

Talking to a guy in an ice cream van

So drunk for weeks and we're goin

Way past the point of wantin tickets.

It would be horrendous now if someone

was to hand you a fuckin ticket

You'd have to leave all the bevy 

outside the grounds by the polis dump bins

No fuckin way!

Ten minutes into the fuckin game

We'd be climbing up the walls to get out.

Fuc-kin hell.

Remember the banner 

"Alcoholism beats communism",

Well it beats the fuck out of football as well.

What do they do with all the confiscated bevy,

The polis?

Buckets and bags of it?

Give it to the jakies? Nah.

Drink it themselves? Mibbe.

Give it back to the retailers so they can sell it all back to us over again

The fuckin cunts


Sittin and waiting for the inevitable shot out

that never comes

Sittin and waiting for the inevitable shot out

that never fuckin comes
Добавлено: 08.06.2012
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