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Pretenders - The Nothing Maker - текст песни, видео

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Pretenders - The Nothing Maker - текст песни, видео

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He doesn't Make Shoes
Or Design a New Shirt
Or Take Photographs
But no one gets hurts
And he doesn't look Trendy
Like guys in Magazines
You won't see him at parties
He's not the Face behind the scene.

He makes nothing
He's the Nothing Maker
He's the Maker of Nothing
He's the Nothing Maker

And he doesn't paint pictures
Or Write poetry
Or act on a stage
For others to see
And he don't expect much
Santa Claus knows
Cause he doesn't make list
Of toys and new clothes.


Everyone's Chasing
A reason to live
Mostly they take more than they give
The Succeeder Justifies
Why he's better than the rest
He believes his own lies
And thinks he's the best...
...but my guy

Doesn't make Movies
To suit an audience's whim
He lives by a code
Known only to him
And eh doesn't make money
To Buy watches and cars
Cause there's no time and no place to go
For a man who has nothing to show

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