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Precious Death - Whats The Name Of This Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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Precious Death - Whats The Name Of This Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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Whats The Name Of This Song
Precious Death
		   (what's the name of) this song?
                              Precious Death
                        Words by Christopher Scott
                          Music by Daivd Bishop
      Copyright (C) 1996 Soli Deo Gloria Publishing / Wings Publishing

        Verse 1:

        D            Bb                 C          D
        Hey, can you see...I don't see anything at all.
        D               Bb          C                 D
        Can you lift me up...That depends how far you fall.
        D                 Bb          C              D
        Who are you gonna be...I just wanna be left alone.
        D                 Bb                           C
        Strange don't you agree...doesn't matter cuz I don't know

        how to pretend.

        D                                                  Bb
        Cuz standin on the backbeat never meant a thing to me,
                         C                     D
        Cuz I never been cool and I never been free.
        D                                       Bb
        Never tried to find the sun usin' candle light,
                     C                      D
        Might not be wrong but I never been right.
        F       G                  C                                F
        Can you tell me what's the word...I've been waiting here so long.
        F       G                   C                            F
        Can you point me what's the way...And I've never been as strong
                   G       C                        F
        As maybe I used to be...but I've never felt better.
        F               G
        Hey, what's the name of this song
        Bb           C                 D
        Every single word has come out wrong.

        Verse 2:

        Say can you see...(is there anything here worth seeing?)
        Who are you gonna be...that depends what you mean by being
        up here in the atomsphere there's a long long way to fall.
        I hope it will amuse you all.

        Alright that's it for the song. Thanks to Kenneth (
        I've got the chords fixed so it's in tune with the CD. Thanks alot
        buddy! Questions, comments, tab for Jerky Love Song by Grammatrain
        email me at
                                        God Bless,
                                                Matt Slote

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