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Prayer Chain - Whirlpool - аккорды и текст, видео

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Prayer Chain - Whirlpool - аккорды и текст, видео

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Prayer Chain
 	...just a quick note that might be a help.
I'm afraid that I have found some pseudo chords 
that sound pretty good to my ear but have no idea
what a proper name for them might be...feel free 
to E-MAIL me to let me know what I should be calling
D(+A) = 000235
D*    = 000030
anyway...give a try and please correct some areas 
that I might be wrong in.
				Shawn Fennell
				Hamilton, Ontario
          By: Prayer Chain
  guessed at by:

D         A              D     D*  D
I saw you hanging on the wall
D          A         D       D* D
Rusted and gathering dust
            D(+A)          A  D
a symbol of love and understanding
              A                 D       D* D
A lone figure, just like on the cross

C you have to die again 
for me to understand
D        A       G
What you mean to me
D          A       G
And what I mean to you

D          A             D          D* D
My feet burn on hallowed ground
D               A           D       D* D
even though I'm thinking of you
    D           D(+A)          A  D
The WhirlPools swirl around my feet
                   A     D     D* D D*
A holy man's tears comfort me

And some men say that God is dead
some men say that God is dead
And sometimes I believe them
And sometimes I laugh at them
Because the rosary beads are worn
and no one is praying at his feet


The peace dove flies above my head

a merciful man died for me
         D      D(+A) A   D
but the stained glass windows
D                 A          D
and the holy water condemming me

I guess I just don't understand
just a confused young man
that no picture, no book
no statue, no man
    D            A
can help me understand 
what it means to be born again


[(C) 1991 the PrayerChain]

Note on alternate tuning added by:
Mark Schwarz [Scoff]

It took me a good deal of time and some experience
in alternate tunings, but I have difinitively
discovered that the song is performed using the
tuning of DADGAD as opposed to the standard of EADGBE.
The droning sound is brought via strumming the D,A,D,A
and D strings open, while the melody is played between
the sixth and eleventh fret.  The chorus is played
using an adapted bar chord which is moved from the
fifth and seventh fret.     
Добавлено: 20.10.2013
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