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Popsicle - Not Forever - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Popsicle - Not Forever - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Not Forever
From: Iker Arana 
Subject: Not Forever by Popsicle

Tabbed by: Iker Arana 

Not Forever - Popsicle

Still can't believe some of
The things I never told
E            B
I hardly touch the phone
I don't know who to call

You're my relief and you're
The one who makes me cry
E            B
I'm trying to figure out
Some way
To get on by

                 Abm              E
Cause I can change I'm not the same
Not forever
         C#m            E
What can I say I'm not OK
I wish I was
          Abm               E
I want you back I want a time
I can remember
It's as simple as I say
I can change I'm not the same
Not forever

So I got out at nights
Take walks down easy street
So talkative
No matter who I see

I wake up shaking
Not alone but on my own
I need some other guide
To help
Me get back home


Abm      B          C#m
You want this part of me
The songlines in your mind
Abm      B          C#m
That's who I'm trying to be
And that's what you will find
Abm            B            C#m
If you just let me in take me back
Closer than we ever were
I promise it's for real


(Last Chorus - played the same)
I have changed I'm not the same
Not forever
What can I say I'd be OK
And so would you
If you came back if you were here
You would remember
It's as simple as I say
I can change I'm not the same

Chords used:
B- 79987x
G#m- 466444
E- 022100
C#m- x46654
F#7- 242322

That?s it, I guess it?s all correct. If anyone can
help me with that riff in the chorus, don?t doubt
mailing me!! Any corrections are welcome (I hope there
are not too many...)
Добавлено: 06.07.2012
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