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Pop Will Eat Itself - Familus Horribilus - текст песни, бас-таба, видео

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Pop Will Eat Itself - Familus Horribilus - текст песни, бас-таба, видео

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Авторы текста: Graham Crabb
Familus Horribilus, by Pop Will Eat Itself
   ..Tabbed out mostly by my bass teacher.
Here is the bass for Familus Horribilus, of Dos Dedos. It's really pretty 
easy, once you know how it goes, but getting there might take awhile, as
some of the bass is layered in there.. 

 Riff 1:                                   Riff 1.5:
  G:|-------2h444--------------|        |----------------| 
  D:|-2h444--------------------|        |----------------|
  A:|--------------22p0----0---|        |----------------|
  E:|-------------------22---2-|        |--5/7--7--77-7--|
   play this at the beginning,       you'll usually play this after Riff 1,
   and during some verses..          it's kinda hard to find though..  

 Riff 2:                 

  D:|-----------| <-- play this one during 'the family.. the family..'  

 Riff 3:

  D:|-------------------------------| <-- this is the only other verse riff 
  A:|-----------------------------0-|     there is, it's easy to find..   

You should be able to put these together without too much difficulty, piece
of cake, right? 

        written out by noah, email to with comments,
        letters of appreciation, and other tabs. :) 
                         "this is the law .. ugly! this is 
                          the law .. stop grinning!"
Добавлено: 06.07.2012
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