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Poor Old Lu - Cannon-Fire Orange - аккорды и текст, видео

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Poor Old Lu - Cannon-Fire Orange - аккорды и текст, видео

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Cannon-Fire Orange
Poor Old Lu
		   From BHSETT1@UKCC.UKY.EDU Thu Jan 18 21:26:52 1996

poor old lu. - "cannon-fire orange"

Dm                   Am           E                       Am
sailing away towards uncertainty, uncertain seas change today
Dm                          Am                 E                       Am
travel to the land, took it all second-hand, i fought for cover then i ran...
C            Am               C       Am
found a love colored me whole. no more cannon-fire orange
C                 Am                 G           Em
cannon-fire orange cannon-fire orange

does a flower grow in the winter snow? 
go away, never again to show
can it be found below the frail ground 
when we look away, it is around
	now i see what needs to be. 
	no more cannon-fire orange...

counting the days to discover the ways 
the fire turns cold like i've been told
the flame burns the tree, i don't know what to be. 
someone holding a match someone is me
	so i cannot stand without the help of His hand 
	no more cannon-fire orange...

okay, i know this song is really wierd & doesn't make too much sense (or maybe
i'm a silly guy who just didn't get it), but i have the poor old lu. video,
"sit and stare" and aaron sprinkle actually wrote this song. it's about his
grandfather's salvation experience in the military. "cannon-fire orange" is ap-
parently an old army marching tune. i guess i can see the correlation. :)

Добавлено: 15.08.2013
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