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Poets Of The Fall - Love Will Come To You - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Poets Of The Fall - Love Will Come To You - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Love Will Come To You
Poets Of The Fall
Chords by: tato_13

These are just the chords for the song, the picking pattern is pretty simple, I think you can figure
it out
on your own by listening to it.

Hopefully I'll upload the tabs for the solo tomorrow, so stay put, I'll post the link in the 
Hope you like it, please rate and comment :)

Intro: Dm - F - Am - Am/C (x2)

Dm          F                 Am
Hey, what's going on? Whatcha doin' here?
                   Am/C     Dm  
Is there something wrong tonight?
Dm       F            Am
Do you remember who I chose to be? 
               Am/C    Dm
My best friend in this life
Dm           F           Am
Life doesn't run a clear course
                 Am/C     Dm
It flows through from within
Dm       F                Am                        Am/c    A#
It's supposed to take you places and leave markings on your skin

A#        Dm               C       F   Am     A#  
And those marks are just a sign of something true
    Dm                C
you witnessed in your time 
   F   Am     A#            Dm                 C 
Of something new, like the start of something fine

     F  Am    A# Dm         C    A#         Dm
Like morning dew love will come again to you
     C       A#  Dm         C
Like morning dew
F   Am  Dm
Morning dew

(Repeat chords)

Hey, can you tell me who you are?
The colour of your dawn
When the gates are open from last night's revelry on the lawn
And when the sounds of laughter still echo in your dreams
The smoke screen disappears and nothing is what it seems

And your tears have been worthwhile
They got you through to a different place and time where all is new
To the start of something fine

Like morning dew your love will come again to you
Like morning dew

Gm                     Dm            Am
Love is there when you open the door
and you step off the trail you knew before
Gm                          Dm                      C
Through the streets and the houses of gods you roam
and on their altars you lay your heart of stone

Gm                   Dm            
Till all laughter is claws on your skin
         Am                  Bb                   
and your moments of clarity scream the hell within
Gm                   Dm                C                       C
When you fade like a rose in the gloom love waits outside your room

Like morning dew your love will come again to you
Morning dew 
Добавлено: 28.09.2015
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