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Poco - First Love - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Poco - First Love - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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First Love
First Love
Intro: Ab7M     C#  Ab7M    C#  (repeat)

Ab7M                      Eb
Today my first love has arrived
C#      Ab       Eb        C# 
Did you see her? Did you approve?
C#/Ab     Eb            Ab7M  
What if I asked this of you?
F#          C#                Eb
Would everything you'd say be true?

Ab7M                           Eb
When I was young I played with toys
C#         Ab          Eb       C#
Games were small then, not so involved
C#/Ab   Eb            Ab7M  
My toys meant most of all
F#           C#                    Eb
You know how kids are when they're small

Fm                     Cm       
But now today I find a lot has come to change my mind
   C#        Eb           Ab7M  
It took some time to understand
Fm                Cm    
Older people play little games in another way
      C#      Eb         Ab7M  
Their castles crumble to sand
F#       C#          Eb
A lonely hour to withstand

Today my first love is alone
Do you miss her? Is it so sad?
The tears you cry should be glad
Remembering her's not all that bad

Ab7M                   C#
Today my first love is alone

by: José Duarte
Добавлено: 06.03.2012
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