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Pocket Change - On The Run - аккорды и текст, видео

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Pocket Change - On The Run - аккорды и текст, видео

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On The Run
Pocket Change
		   Title:On the Run
Artist:Pocket Change
Tabbed by:BJ Hunt (

This is my first tab but it sounds right

G           A#      F        C
My life is changing so very fast
G         A#           F                 C
I'm here in the present wanting back the past 
G         A#   F                C
G many things I would like to change
G              A#       F               C
But one things sure to always stay the same

G               A#     F             C
There's no use crying time is on the run
G          A#              F          C
I know it sucks but lifes not always fun
G              A#            F                C
Just keep your head up high searching for the end
G           A#                  F            C
With Jesus Christ in our lives we are gonna win

G         D#           A#              F
The fact remains, our lives are gonna change
G              D#               A#            F
There's no way outta this one, no matter what's been claimed
G              D#           A#             F
Don't let your life go by, without christ in the lead
G             D#           A#         F
Thing's can't be that way you should believe

G              A#           F            C
The choice is yours, which one you gonna take,
G              A#             F               C
this choice it is so crucial, it decides your fate
G             A#          F               C
G nows your chance, you might just have today,
G              A#        F                C
G what's your choice what become's your fate!


Thanks feel free to e-mail me with any corrections >      
Добавлено: 22.11.2013
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