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Plumb - Concrete - текст песни, таба, видео

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Plumb - Concrete - текст песни, таба, видео

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		   Author/Artist: Plumb
Title: Concrete
Album: Plumb
Transcribed by: Brian Germer (Soul Detergent Music)
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***The tuning for this song is (Db, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb).
This is a very studio slick song, like the rest of the album, so this is my best

Intro riff:

                                   0:25  Verse lead                           

0:34               Chorus Lead-in 0:42           Chorus fill over Dm & Bb    

2nd verse lead 1:09 (2nd time w/variation)  1:29              Lead-in 1:36   

Intro:  Intro riff x4
Verse 1: chord progession  Dbm Ab B A x2 w/0:25 lead
Pre-Chorus:  See 0:34, and the lead-in
Chorus:  Dm //// Bb ////  x4  Power chords with Dist. 
Intro riff x2
Verse 2:  see 1:09 lead
Pre-Chorus:  See 1:29, and lead-in 1:36
Intro riff x13 w/slight variation, then go into Bb part of chorus
Chorus x3

More than a superstition
When put in my position
Temptation and opinions
This hearts not my possession
Hold tight to your convictions
Hypocrites in all directions
Cling to the things your father taught you
Confess your sins to the one who bought you

C you feel all alone
Faith has always kept you strong
If you could see my fear 
Should I believe or should I doubt

I believe...In the things that you never told me
I believe...In the things that you never showed me
I believe...I know my fears control me
I believe...In the things that you never told me

Agressive passive inhibitions
Laughs before an indecision
C I run or do I stay
When all I do is fall away
Lack of faith in the one I trust
When all I measure turns to dust
When all I know decays in vain
And I am left alone again



As I kneel in sactuary, Crosses all around to haunt me
Architecture so divine, Bread, the body, blood, the wine

Chorus 3x

Words by Dan Haseltine, Music by Dan Haseltine and Matt Bronleewe
c1997 Bridge Building Music/Pogostick Music/admin. Brentwood Music Pub, inc.
Songs From the Farm Music/Longitude Music      
Добавлено: 11.10.2013
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