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Plankeye - Three Fold Chord - аккорды и текст, видео

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Plankeye - Three Fold Chord - аккорды и текст, видео

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Three Fold Chord
Plank Eye 
from "The Spark"

Bar chords are in the A-form.  

Main Progression:
        D/E hammers onto a regular E three times before dropping down to D
        then on the fifth (A) string:
          A|    7/9-9-9-9h10p9-7 
A thought of you and my swells;
a bond set in our eyes;
a simple peace from Jesus
that always makes me cry

         (E/F hammers-onto F#)
(E/F#)h(F#) E               D   
            Maybe I'm just crazy            
(E/F#)h(F#) E                   D
            or maybe you're the one
E/F#hF# E                D
        Ring around your finger,
E/F#hF#      E          F#  D 
  three-fold chord has come undone,

   but I wanted you to stay

Main Prog.:
The reasons why you left, I'm not sure just why.
the feelings were so cold as you said goodbye.
Skin so pale and eyes so true, your words are like a knife
that cuts me through,  but are we through?


End thingy:  (Over all of the "Staaaaayyy"s)
  simple E - D  progression
     then on 5th (A) string:
     A|    5/7-5    (2nd guit. bends 7th fret G string)
     A|    5/7-5

D/E - x7777x        E/F# - x9999x
E   - 079997        F#   - x91111119
D   - x57775  

                Written by Plank Eye
          Copyright 1996  Tooth & Nail Records
                All rights reserved

Добавлено: 04.10.2013
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