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Plankeye - Placement - текст песни, таба

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Plankeye - Placement - текст песни, таба

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| Placement                                           |
| by: Plank Eye                                       |
| CD: Commonwealth                                    |
| from: Jared Romero  (          |
| copyright: (c) 1995 Tooth & Nail Records            |

        (lead part)
    (rhythm plays E)        (rhythm plays A)

E         A           E         A
Don't bow down, before an empty tomb;
        E                        A
Where a pretty face makes me stumble
        E                        A              E        A   E  A
And another chance is a hidden fall; a hidden fall ...
E               A               E                          A
You made that thing with your hands but you kneel down in front of it
                 E                      A
and pledge your allegiance and all you own
             E                  A
to plastic idols, and a rubber soul; a rubber soul ...

E                 A          E                  A
 God is in His holy temple, so let us all be silent  (2x)
E                  A
 I worship and adore you my God;
E                    E
 Casting down my treasures to the ground
E                            A                           E
 Making dust of anything that I could set up in your place
            A                     E  A  E  A
Be thou exhalted, be thou exhalted

E                 A          E                  A     E  A  E  A  E(1 beat)
 God is in His holy temple, so let us all be silent

        E - x79997
        A - 577655

                       Written by Plank Eye
               Copyright 1996  Tooth & Nail Records
                       All rights reserved

Добавлено: 18.07.2013
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