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Phish - Destiny Unbound - текст песни, видео

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Phish - Destiny Unbound - текст песни, видео

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Highway bill's on the rotary still and he can't even feel the painof a sun dried shoulder and a scar from a boulderthat cut him right across his veinnow he's suckin' cigar and he's shovelin' tar
E crater of a turnpike terrainhe's got only one hope, and he wants to elope,'cuz highway jill is driving him insane.

We gotta get on the road, destiny unboundshe's the one for me we gotta get outta townwe gotta get on the road, destiny unboundshe's the one for me we gotta get outta townhighway jill was a daffodil with a cactus sense of prideat the wheel of a tractor, she was quite an impactorwhen the road rocks started to slideshe saw bill drop his shovel on a pile of gravelas he climbed up out of his ditchshe was wonderstruck when he climbed in her truckhe said "i've been havin' this everlasting itch


At first she was cold, she was ready to scoldthis guy from the pit with a thing in his headbut then she thought twice when he melted her icewith his passionate eyes she was energized!she started the ignition and without permissionthe two of 'em flew down the dusty roadbut the road wasn't finished and the pavement diminishedthey soared off the edge and they plunged in the sludge

She said:there isn't even any road, our destiny was boundwe were the ones for us but now we're in the ground(4x)
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