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Phil Keaggy - True Believers - аккорды и текст, видео

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Phil Keaggy - True Believers - аккорды и текст, видео

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True Believers
Phil Keaggy
		   From Sun Dec 17 16:22:51 1995

The True Believers
Phil Keaggy:  True Believer
Words and Music by Alan Shacklock
Transcribed by

Intro:  D(no3)     D(no3)      D      Gm6/D     D     Gm6/D

  D                        Gm6/D
1 Just don't know where,   where to begin
2 You've had enough,       all you can take   when your

  G/D                    Gm6/D         D
1 When earthly kings surrender to this world of sin
2 river of tears runs    into an     o-cean of heartbreak
  Dsus    D                        Gm6/D         D      
1          To walk the walk        and talk the  talk (truth is)
2          He'll be your moon when your sun goes down

1 Heavan on earth is one stairway that can't
2 Fire for you    if ice is all that's on

  D(no3)       D            A/C#      Bm
1 be bought.             The price  is paid,  we believe
2 your ground.     When your music has dies,   and si-

  D/A                G                D/F#     D/A  G/A
1 that our God reigns!                The true be - liev-
2 -lence is the sound;                The true be - liev-

     D/A     G                        Asus    D/A  Dsus/A  D/A
1&2 -ers             Stand on ev-'ry word You say

     D       D/F#     D/G  G/A    D/A   G
1&2          The true be - liev - ers        made alive in Christ

     Asus     D/A  Dsus/A  D/A   D          A/C#       Bm
1&2         today                   This is how we survive  and where

    D/A           G              G      D/F#     D/G  G/A
1&2    we mean to stay                   The true be-liev-

1&2 -ers!

D(no3)        Gm6/D        D            G/D
G if you need to call on a friend          He's there for you right

Gm6/D         D(no3)       D       A/C#
   until the very end           His love is alive

Bm        D/A       G      Dsus/G    D/F#     D/G  G/A
      Forever and Amen!              The true be - liev-

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| Taking your cross?/Are you a principled man?       I Predict 1990       |

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