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Pfr - You Lord - аккорды и текст, видео

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Pfr - You Lord - аккорды и текст, видео

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You Lord
		   You Lord 
by Pray for Rain 
from the album "Pray for Rain" 
Written by Joel Hanson 

Transcribed by Stephen Douglas 

Verse 1: 
C            D 
I used to do okay on my own 
Think I was made of stone 
             Em      D 
That I could carry a heavy load 
C                  D              Bm 
Never thought that one day I'd be all alone 
C            D 
But then the road got long 
I saw I was wrong 
        Em        D 
And had no one to lean upon 
C                    D 
But You kept me from falling far below 
G                             Bm/F# G/F 
And taught me something I had never known that 

Em        C 
You Lord, You Lord 
A                 B 
Can hold my heart in Your hands 
Em        C 
You Lord, You Lord 
    A              B 
Can change me in a fleeting glance 
Em        C 
You Lord, You Lord 
    A          B 
Can push me to know greater things 

Verse 2: 
If I had a dime for every time 
I've tried to live this on my own 
I guess I'd be a rich man wouldn't I 
But money never bought me peace, love, or happiness 
It only seemed to make a mess 
And right about then I'd open my eyes 
And once again I'd realize that 


(notes: d e f# g g# a)         A 
                    Push me out 
        C                  D 
Until I stand on stone and say I've made a choice 
Push me down 
          A               D 
Until I'm on my knees and listening for Your voice 
Push me around 
         A                       D 
Until my life touches others and they see what I've found 
Show me how 
      C                  D7         B/D# 
I can take this life and give it away 
[Instrumental plays chorus chords--Em C A B-- 2x] 

Repeat instrumental chorus      
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