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Pfr - Satisfied - аккорды и текст, видео

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Pfr - Satisfied - аккорды и текст, видео

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		   This is Satisfied by PFR
Bryan Nokes

Intro: E7 

Bm7(add 2)     A        E7  (2x) 

Bm7(add 2)  A                  E7 
   I           never want to be satisfied 
Bm7(add2)  A                    Asus-A (4x) 
   Just when I thought I had everything it was a lie 
Bm7(add 2) A                        E7 
    For so   long now I've been wasting time 
Wasting time 

Verse 1: 
E                         B 
Winter Spring or Summer Fall the 
F#                   A 
Seasons never cared at all that 
E                B 
I was never changing and my 
Bm                        A 
Colors stayed the same.  But when 
E                      B 
Days go by and I'm not growing the 
F#                                      B 
Leaves fall off to bare what I'm not showing that I've 
E                   B 
Never had my feet wet and for 
Bm              A-E 
That I am to blame 


Verse 2: 
I've sat and watched the tide go out but I 
Did not chase-no I did not doubt the 
Water would return to shore and 
Meet me once again 
And I've known the truth and understood or 
Thought I did or thought I could be 
Satisfied with points of view but I'm 
Tired of the din 


E                        F# 7 
Winter Spring or Summer Fall the 
A                    E7 
Seasons never cared at all 
E                        F#7 
Winter Spring or Summer Fall 
A          Asus 
I'm still changing    (Repeat) 

Repeat bridge 

E  F#7  A  E7 
E  F#7  A  Asus  Bm7(add 2)   F#      
Добавлено: 07.12.2013
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