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Pfr - Didnt He - аккорды и текст, видео

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Pfr - Didnt He - аккорды и текст, видео

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Didnt He
                       "DIDN'T HE"
                       by Pray For Rain
                       from the CD "Pray For Rain"
                       Transcribed by 
                       Chung-Kay Koh and Nathan T. Eckel 
        Dm       C
        Too many hearts 
           Dm       C   
        On too many strings
           Dm             C
        We could cut them down
              Dm               C           Gm   
        But instead we let 'em hang in the breeze
              A                Dm    C   Dm  C
        Oh my brother, tell me why

        And why is my sister down on her knees
        Crying out won't somebody love me
        And where are we

        Didn't He love them
        Didn't He hold out His hand 
               Bb                 C
        Wasn't Jesus a model, an example to man
           F                     F6     
        Of how we must love everyone in this land
        And give till it hurts 
        Isn't that part of the plan

        One more night
        No place to call home
        A torn up jacket on his back
        It's getting pretty cold
        Where do I stand, do I reack out my hand

        And one more child's face
        On my TV screen
        She's dying of hunger 
        Why can't we meet her need
        And where are we

            F                        A
        But we can't see through our holy facade
           Dm          F6               Bb           C
        To do one more thing that we're called to by God

        Didn't He love us 
        Didn't He hold out His hand
        Wasn't Jesus a model, an example to man
        He said love every person 
        Everyone in this land
        To give till it hurts 
        Wasn't that part of the plan

        But we've all been blinded 
        By our selfish ways
        Can we change this pattern
        Will we stay the same

        (chorus) X2

        Didn't He...


Добавлено: 07.10.2013
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