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Peter And The Wolf - Anna Maria - аккорды и текст, видео

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Peter And The Wolf - Anna Maria - аккорды и текст, видео

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Anna Maria
Peter And The Wolf
A simple but beautiful song. 
Red might be playing in a different tuning considering you almost never hear 
the high E string in the recording - and of course he adds his amazing picking 
style throughout, but this is the basic skeleton.

Capo 5

Intro (improvise using the chords below as a guide)

Anna Maria 
Anna Maria 
C               G
Do you remember me? 

I'm hoping all is well
G                            Em
You know I been through some hell
A                               D
But I'm standing in a clearing finally

Long ago I loved you so much
Nowadays I just don't know much
C                   A7
I can't say what is real

G                 Em
But I lost my telephone
Somewhere in Arizona
C                                  G
And I wanted you to know the way I feel

//Repeat while whistling and end on//

A         C
Anna    Maria

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