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Pegasus Bridge - Skinny - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Pegasus Bridge - Skinny - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Pegasus Bridge
These chords are not 100% accurate but I find they sound okay to play and sing 
along with. The song is pretty simple to play once you get the timings/strumming 
patterns mastered! Please comment any corrections! Hope you enjoy :)

I am skinny, and i am faithful to the last
But I'll play games with you like a hormone in a high school class
             Em                   D                       C  
And i can be thoughtful, I can be awful when i want to be
               Em                        D              C
You said if we never grow up, then we'll never grow old

You are slender, oh so slender
And I like it
              D                                               C
Skinny like a model, with a little something extra in her eyes
                  Em          D
And I've got some time to kill
If your free and your willing
           Em                               D
But if you never show up, then you'll never know
C                      Em D (into chorus)
 I want what you want 


C                          Em D
 We're two souls, in tango
C                                       Em D
 But we're too strong, we're too strong
 'Cause I want what you want
   Em                D           C
But you just give me something i need

        D                                   C
You are talking, I'm sat talking at the other end
You say you might drop by, if i don't mind
No, I won't mind
Now you're coming over
look over your shoulder
Where would you rather be?
           Em                        D
And if you never show up then you'll never know
C                          Em D
That I want what you want

Repeat Chorus x2

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