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Pedro The Lion - Whole - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Pedro The Lion - Whole - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Авторы музыки: David Bazan
Авторы текста: David Bazan
Pedro The Lion
		   Pedro the Lion
From the album "whole ep"
David Bazaan

This sure isn't exact; but its a cool enough song to play this way.

G                C                   A B
A Hole that big i'd never seen before
A                           G                      F#         G        A

In the tummy of a good ol boy who always wanted more
G                C                       A  B
Than just yesterday i saw him satisfied
A                                 G              F#         G      A
Seems he met the Hole Fixin Man much to his suprise

A                    C                 G
But are ya for real Mr. Hole Fixin Man
       C                              G
You fixed my friend can you fix me
A                        C                       G
so how bout fixin me, Mr. Hole Fixin Man

G                   C                        A  B
And all the charms that never were enough
A                                     G
F#           G     A
seems the hole was always twice as big no matter what it was
G                   C                   A   B
but to see him now is almost to believe
A                          G              F#             G       A
Maybe Mr. Hole Fixin Man might have what i need

Chorus 2X

Thats pretty much it, be sure to play with the CD to get the right
I wish i had a guitar when i typed this.
tabbed by David Sceggel
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Добавлено: 15.08.2013
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