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Paul Thorn - Joanie The Jehovahs Withness Stripper - аккорды и текст, видео

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Paul Thorn - Joanie The Jehovahs Withness Stripper - аккорды и текст, видео

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Joanie The Jehovahs Withness Stripper
Paul Thorn
Joanie, The Jehovah's Witness Stripper by Paul Thorn

Transcribed by DWdrummer67. 

Note: Use U-G's 2nd fret variation for the A5 chord. When paul plays this
he rocks between the Em position and an F#5 position (4th fret same
strings. After the A5 position, he rocks to a B5 position (4th fret same
strings). I merely transcribbed it this way for ease of play. Another
great campfire tune. Enjoy!

Tuning: Standard (capo 4th fret)

She drives a new car, wears expensive blouses
               A5                    Em
She tells her mama, she's cleanin' houses
Em                                             A5
She goes out witnessing, doin' the Lords work all week
              Em                       F#m
But on the weekends, she's makin' ends meet

Em             A5                Em
Joanie… the Jehovah's witness stripper
        A5                          Em
Put a dollar in her G-string… and she'll deliver
        Em         A5           Em     A5
If her daddy only knew, he'd probably kill her
Em            F#m                Em
Joanie… the Jehovah's witness stripper

One night down at the club, her daddy walked in
             A5                     Em
He didn't recognize, his daughter dancin'
Em                                  A5
She wore a blonde wig, he had sun-glasses
              Em                 F#m
When she got naked, he started clappin'

Chorus: (Repeat)

        A5                           Em
If you ask her why she does it, she looks at it this way
               A5                              Em
She says I'm countin' all my blessings, every night when I get paid
A5                                 Em
She once lived in poverty, now everything's alright
The Lord showed her how to make a thousand dollars in a night

Chorus: (Repeat)
Добавлено: 22.02.2012
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