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Paul Thorn - A star that fell down - аккорды и текст, видео

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Paul Thorn - A star that fell down - аккорды и текст, видео

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A star that fell down
Paul Thorn

A Star That Fell Down
by Paul Thorn
from the album Live at Short Street (2000)
Perpetual Obscurity Records

Tabbed by Corey Loney 

Capo 3 (to play with the album)

  G: 32002X
G/F#: 2XXX3X
 Em: 02202X
  C: X3202X
  D: XX0232

(or do it your way)

G     G/F#   Em       C    D        G
I saw Cinderella / on Heartache and Vine
D            G                  C            D
She sang a capella / and turned dollars into wine
            G      G/F#      Em            C           D     G
Through the crowd I heard the melody / Mississippi, Your On My Mind.
    D            G                 C                  D
And though no one noticed / I saw a tear fall from her eye

            C              D             G     G/F#    Em
She's like a star that fell down / on the wrong side of town
      C      D                   G         G/F# Em
But to me she shines  / more than all these city lights
       C        D                   G       G/F#     Em
Back in Tupelo tonight / something's missing from the sky
         C     D               G       G/F#  Em          C   D
Must be a star ... /  That fell down

I took her picture standing / outside the Hollywood Bowl
She believes that one day / they'll come here to see her show
She waded in the fountain / among the wishes others threw in
She didn't have a penny / so I tossed one in


In the City of Angels / big dreams die hard
Back home they don't know / she's been sleeping in her car
She parks it by a payphone / she gave the number to a friend of a friend
She's waiting on a ship that / ain't ever coming in


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