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Patty Loveless - Whats A Broken Heart - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Patty Loveless - Whats A Broken Heart - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Whats A Broken Heart
Patty Loveless


(by Don Phrimmer amp; George Teren)
(performed by Patty Loveless)
[The recording of this song is in G#; I play the acoustic guitar intro
 in either D or C, and use a capo at the 6th or 8th fret.  The chords
 I've written here are in D, but if you just want the chords, it would
 probably be easier to play it in G and use a capo on the 1st fret.]
[Don't worry too much about the F#m13; just play it as F#m, if you're
 strumming chords.  I called it a thirteenth because it has lots of
 hammer-ons and pull-offs that add up to a lot of different notes.]
[Each chord is half a measure.]

Asus2  Bm  Bm9  F#m  F#m13  G  G(9)  D  G
[intro; see tab at end]

Asus2           Bm     Bm9              F#m
What's a broken heart, ...
F#m13           G          G(9)        Asus4
It's not what I have, ...
Asus2             Bm   Bm9            F#m
I should laugh it off, I ...
F#m13             G    G     F#sus4  F#
It's not meant to ...

G        G       C#/G#   C#/G#    D/A    F#/A#   Bm
Once I learn to let him go...
     Bm        Em         F#m           G
It's temporary pain, ...
   A              Bm    Bm9  F#m  F#m13  Em  F#m  G  (A)
So what's a broken heart

I just have to stop, and look ...

Compared to those who have no hope, ...
All my misery is a ...
Yeah, what's a ...
A              Bm    Bm9  F#m  F#m13  G  G  F#  F#
What's a broken ...

With faith and time, I know ...
It's temporary pain, I'll ...
   A              Bm    Bm9  F#m  F#m13  Em  F#m  G  (A)
So what's a ...
A              Bm    Bm9  F#m  F#m13  G  Asus2  Bm.
What's a ....


This is the intro; the verse is very similar.  The first section of tab
is in D, the second is in C; play whichever you want.

[Capo 6.]
Asus2    Bm      Bm9      F#m     F#m13    G       G(9)     G       Asus2
^ . ^ .  ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ .  ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ .  ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ .  ^ . ^ What's a...

[Capo 8.]
Gsus2    Am      Am9      Em      Em13     F       F(9)     F       Gsus2
^ . ^ .  ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ .  ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ .  ^ . ^ . ^ . ^ .  ^ . ^ What's a...

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