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Patrick Park - The Lucky Ones - аккорды и текст, видео

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Patrick Park - The Lucky Ones - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Lucky Ones
Patrick Park
                      Capo 2, 1/2 Step Down

Am  F      Am   F
Am   G   Dm   Am   F   C   Am   F   G

Verse 1:

Am            G
Each day the light gets born
Dm                    Am
From the body of the night I'm torn
F                     C            Am        F   G
Into the blaze of the sun lit morn I'm thrown
Am      G
So I do what I can
Dm                       Am
With a beating heart and my own two hands
F                   C            Am   F
And a thirst to understand this show
G               Am
And the halls I hear it sung
F                   C
The youth is wasted on the young
Dm                           Em               Am   F
And these are words that can weigh a ton you know
But one day you'll know what they meant
Am                    Em
When you wonder where the wonder went
Dm                     C              G
And all the world is sinking like a stone


C          Dm
We are the lucky ones
Am                        F
You mothers daughters you fathers sons
C             Dm                Am   F   G
Dont you grow old before your time
C           Dm
We are the holy rollers
Am                    F                  C
Who take this weight upon ourt shoulders
             Dm          Am   F   G
And make the best out of life

Am   G   Dm   Am   F   C   Am   F   G

Verse 2:

Am                  G
Each night when the darkness dawns
Dm                       Am
And from the troubles of the day I'm drawn
F                      C                 Am   F   G
Into the solace of the quiet song that grows
Am              G
In everything I hear and see
Dm                           Am
And through the smoke in the air I breathe
F                   C            Am   F
And over arms that cover me like home
G                            Am
And on the streets where you hear it said
F                    C
Our Last hopes have long bed dead
Dm                     Em                      Am   G
That's just the noise ringing in your head you know

Chorus (x2)

Am   G   Dm   Am   F   C   Am   F   C
Добавлено: 29.09.2013
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