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Pat Monahan - Her Eyes - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Pat Monahan - Her Eyes - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Her Eyes
Pat Monahan
Pat Monahan
Her Eyes

Pretty straightforward song but I couldn't find a tab for it so I decided to write it 
myself.  This is my first tab so please rate it kindly.  Sorry about all the different 
of the same chord but it sounds better that way. Listen to the song for the strumming pattern

Tuning: Standard

    G    Bb   C    G*   Bb*  C*   
e|- x –- x –- x -- 3 –- 1 –- 3 -- x –- x --|
b|- x –- x –- x -- 3 –- 3 –- 5 -- x –- 3 --|
g|- x –- 3 –- 5 -- 4 –- 3 –- 5 -- 4 –- 3 --|
d|- 5 –- 3 –- 5 -- 5 –- 3 –- 5 -- 5 –- 3 --|
a|- 5 –- 1 –- 3 -- 5 –- 1 –- 3 -- 5 –- 1 --|
e|- 3 –- x –- x -- 3 –- x –- x -- 3 –- x --|

G Bb C Bb 2x

Verse 1:
G           Bb               C                Bb
She's not afraid; she just likes to use her night-light
G             Bb     C
When she gets paid, true religion gets it all
If they fit right.
G                  Bb                 C
She's a little bit manic, completely organic
         Bb                    G**
Doesn't panic for the most part.
                     Bb**                             G
She's old enough to know, and young enough not to say no

Verse 2:
Bb                       C                   Bb
To any chance that she gets for home plate tickets to see the Mets.
G                 Bb                C
Like everybody, she's in over her head,
Dreads Feds, Grateful Dead, and doesn't take meds.
G              Bb
She's a Gemini Capricorn
C                 Bb
Thinks all men are addicted to porn.
I don't agree with her half the time,
But, damn I'm glad she's mine.

G*     Bb*   C*             Bb*
Her eyes----- that's where hope lies.
G*            Bb*
That's where blue skies
C*       Bb
Meet the sunrise.
G*     Bb*    C*           Bb*
Her eyes----- that's where I go
       C*   G*
When I go home.
Verse 3:
G                 Bb           C                    Bb
She got the kinda strength that every man wishes he had.
G                 Bb          C             Bb
She loved Michael Jackson up until he made Bad.
G                                Bb
Tells me that she lives about a hundred lives,
C                         Bb
Scares me to death when she thinks and drives,
Says cowboy hats make her look fat,
and I'm so glad she's mine.


G*  Bb*              C*       Bb*
She doesn't know the word “impossible”
G*         Bb*                         C*               Bb*
Don't care where I've been and doesn't care where we're goin' to.
G*           Bb*          C*
She takes me as I am, and that ain't easy.  Awwww...
      Bb*           C*
She's beautiful. So beautiful.

*(This may be a little off note wise, but I don't think so, but if it is just play with 
a little.  but the timing is right)
   And sometimes     I think she's truly crazy.

And I love it.

Chorus x2

G           Bb                C* (hold)
She's not afraid; she just likes to use her night-light.

Tabbed by Will S.
Добавлено: 14.07.2012
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