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Parquet Courts - Black And White - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Parquet Courts - Black And White - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Авторы: Parquet Courts

Black And White
Parquet Courts
Black and White by Parquet Courts (off Sunbathing Animal) 

This is the pattern for the intro, bridge, solo, outro, and parts of the verse. 

E                             G
1  +  2 + 3  + 4  + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 

Intro:  E   G  (x12) 


G          E  
Nothing makes my heart so wild as being 

G       E                     G
In possession of a potent night, 

E                                    G
Racing down the stairs in a nude descension 

Shedding and discarding my hide 

G        A                             C
But the bold strokes crack so quickly and it?s 

A                    G
Often that I wonder why 

E                                       G                          
Dripping at the slow motion rate of surrender 

Hanging to my bones as they dry 

G         D
How could I want something more 

than a new hell in which to fry 

G      E                          G
When I see in only black and white 

Bridge:  E   G   (x4) 


G          E  
There?s a sinful sort of side of being 

G         E                        G 
so contained, A bit like being lost. 

E                                                      G
Stumbling through the background like a small town loner 

E                                  G
quietly a whispering my thoughts into 

A                                C
my cupped hands, folded and monk-like, 

A                                 G
at least thats what i?ve always said. 

E                                              G
How does writing letters from the lonely margins 

feel when there is no hair on my head? 

G       D                       A                     
Is the solitude I seek a trap where i?ve been blindly led? 

   G       E                         G 
Tell me, where then do I go instead?

Solo:  E     G   (x13) 


G     E
When atonement comes in distant waves 

G        E                         G 
I might wait until the next to break 

E                                               G    
choking through forgiveness at a sun fly prompter 

staring through the back of my face. 

G      A                          C                 
It?s a vulgar, hidden part of being 

A                             G
tethered to the world right now; 

E                                        G
spending all my dollars to remain a member, 

nothing in my eyes but a scowl. 

G      D                         A             
Do i bother to define myself beyond what they allow? 

G     E                      G
Have I already forgotten how? 

Outro:  E   G   (x3)
Then hang on G for a while, then end on E. 
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