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Park - Family Man - аккорды и текст, видео

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Park - Family Man - аккорды и текст, видео

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Family Man
Family Man
Artist: The Park

(A) It?s happened again, heard it on the news
(E) A father of two, standing accused.
(A) Mother?s dead, torn apart.
(E) Seventeen times, stabbed in the heart
(A) Daughter?s been found, body getting colder.
(E) Killed by hands that used to hold her.
(A) Baby?s blue, smothered where he lay.
(A) Never even saw his first birthday.

A & E are played like this:
     (A)     (E)
B    10
G     9       9
D     7       9
A             7
E             0

Chorus: (uses standard bar chords)
       (A) He?s A family man,     (G)(F#)(E)he loves his wife
(F#)(G)(A) Thinks he has the right(G)(F#)(E) to take her life.
(F#)(G)(A) If he can?t have her,  (G)(F#)(E) then nobody will.
(F#)(G)(A) He justifies           (G)(F#)(E) his right to kill.

Verse 2:
Just a domestic, don?t get in the way.
Not our business, it?ll be OK.
Can?t believe he would do such a thing,
You wouldn?t think it to look at him.
Pushed too far, couldn?t take any more.
But it never happens in the superstore.
It always happens in the family home,
Behind closed doors, when they?re alone.

Verse 3
Such a nice man, or so he seemed.
Don?t see the violence behind the scenes.
Can?t deal with his hurt, can?t let go.
Can?t take the knock to his ego.
They try to say he just lost control,
A moment of madness all it takes to kill.
That?s just a lie but it?s easy to swallow.
Face the facts, it?ll happen tomorrow.
Добавлено: 16.03.2012
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