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Paris - The Trap - текст песни, видео

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Paris - The Trap - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
As I, bend the corner bass beatin the back (yeah)
I sink into the mood and watch the people react
Same gritty conversation, same bomb-ass rap
Same shitty-ass conditions, same grip on a strap
Same pigs, same crackers, same niggaz united
Buyin into the stereotypes that we fightin
Buyin into the stereotypes of us bein
Buck dancin ass sex-crazed murderous fiends
Still fuckin up these home-schooled simpleton haters
Same people that display us wanna kill and betray us
Same division, mo' religion, never readin just prayers
More bounty hunters, Imus' and Jenas and Kramers
Still blame us for the cause of the way that we act
While lullabies of celebrities still keep us distracted
Keep the focus off the President and shit in Iraq
Keep us scapegoatin immigrants and niggaz on crack
Keep the propaganda comin, keep impressin the kids
They only care about us when its time to enlist
But when them politicians talk about protectin' the fetus
What it mean when they send us off to war and mistreat us?
Tax cuts for the rich ain't no snitchin allowed
'Specially if it's piggies that we talkin about
As they murder motherfuckers comin up in your house
Seem that violence is the only thing they listen to now
It's the trap

[Chorus: unknown singer]
Look at all the gangsters ride
Sometime it seem we born to die
What will it take to make it right?
With no chance, no promise of advancement, hey
Don't wanna lose another life
We've seen too many of us die
Let's put this thing together right?
Take a stand, and plan to get ahead

Now let's, get this shit clear once and for all
Ain't no terrorist that's bigger than America's balls
Ain't no terror more terrible than terror we brought
And ain't it terrible the terror's all America's fault, I'm askin
What would you do if you knew of it all?
If you knew all our ememies were made for the part?
If you knew that everything they do is part of a plot
that's pre-agreed upon with us, so you always support?
Claimin, pa-tri-ot but can't never explain
why babies killin babies in America's name
Why black and brown bodies, why murder and pain?
Why these motherfuckers laughin all the way to the bank?
That's gangster~! But we don't see the truth of it still
Don't see the truth the way the ruthless murder and kill
Ain't no doubt about it bruh, that's big pimpin fo' real
And you askin' why I'm out here servin' 'em still

It's the trap... it's the trap... it's the trap... c'mon!


The way I see it, the only way to change it is pain
Seems they only pay attention when we splatterin brains
Seem they never seem to hear us when we march and complain
Or when when we protestin, hopin pigs don't whup us again
Look here, see how fast money come for the schools
And how quick them motherfuckers bring home the troops
How the coonin and derogatory shit in the music'll go away
when they see the people snatch 'em and shoot 'em~!
Just watch! You'll see, shit'll change on a dime
Best believe for politicians ain't gon' be no more hidin
Ain't gonna be no mo' lyin, don't wanna see 'em in court
Don't wanna sue 'em, rather do 'em, shoot 'em up in his Porsche
Bring the balance back where the people making the rules
Where the government is scared of what the people might do
and not the other way around, y'all got it confused
Was ignored, but you listenin now! We on the move sayin


[Paris - ragga chat - repeat 2X]
A write tah, CONGRESS is what they say it's about
I'm sayin, FUCK de letta, wet her leavin de house
I get my, GUN and stun 'em run dem out of de town
I'd rather, shoot now Congressman a, shoot now Congressman
I, VOTE but never stop the problem around
Dem soldier, ONLY murderin the black and the brown
I get my, GUN and stun 'em run dem out of de town
I'd rather, shoot now Congressman a, shoot de President a

[newsreel footage]

[Chorus to fade]
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