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Paris - So What - текст песни, видео

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Paris - So What - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
[opening skit]
FREEZE, POLICE!! (What are you doing?!)
On the floor, ON THE FLOOR NOW
{On your stomach, get on your stomach, on your stomach!}
{ON YOUR STOMACH!} {*gunshots*}

They got up out the squad car
Jaws hard, jarheads, they want us all dead
Walkin up to the door, they all saw red
It's one local detective, the rest is all feds
Kick the do' down, ripped the whole house up
Grandmomma asked what's wrong and got her mouth cut
The lead fed grabbed her by the throat, threw her up against the wall
and told her they won't leave without drugs
With no just cause, just 'cause
Had her tied up in her own closet wearin just drawers
Pants down, standin 'round sweatin and laughin
and high-fivin each other like - that's what's up dawg!
Until a blizzard of bullets blew some nuts off
One by one they run but got gunned off
Her grandson was only five but he saw the whole thang from the stairs
and managed to make the gun cough

These streets can only see so much until they say SO WHAT
Let the police cars blow up, it won't be long 'til the ghetto
Can only take so much, of the blame gettin thrown on us
And politicians bodies go numb, from going dumb - SO WHAT?

Yeah, another visit from the social worker
She know her kids ain't supposed to know this dope and murder
He know her kids ain't supposed to notice dope and murder
So he let her keep 'em in exchange for some social service
And every week's the same, he gets so nervous
They snort coke, then she let him hit it 'til it hurt it
Typically, that's the end of the date
She swallows his pride, the kids can stay
She ain't mentioned he the reason why the baby in her stomach got her tummy out
When she did, he froze up and dummied out
Took her food stamps, put him in his book
Walked away then she screamed out 'Hey' and caught a left hook
That's when the hollow tip hot one let his chest cook
Shortened every breath took; her young son
mean muggin handcuffed as they took him away
Said "Momma you gon' be okay, so what~?!"


She was a proud mom, a G.I. Joe mom
Couldn't see they lied for war, she was all for it
Wavin flags, sportin tags with the yellow ribbons
And when she said he was a hero know she really meant it
'Til somebody showed her proof of the ruse
Took her to GuerrillaFunk dot com for the hard truth
Showed the motive and the profiteering from the mission
She got mad and wrote her congressman but he ain't listen
So she prayed everyday that they
would pull the troops out the fray and they would be okay
All she had was her faith 'til the day the news
Came talkin 'bout that roadside bomb in Fallujah
And even though she thought she'd been through the worst
Mama walked into the closet, put the strap in her purse
And went first to the door of her congressman's home
Took his life 'fore takin her own, shoulda known

[Chorus] - repeat 2X
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