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Pantheist - Eternal Sorrow - текст песни, видео

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Pantheist - Eternal Sorrow - текст песни, видео

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 When I'll die, my surrendered soul
 Shall descend to the dark realms of Hades
 To be judged by my ancient gods
 And the mighty king Minos
 Will step forward from the dark
 Silently to fix his gaze upon my mind's eye
 His eyes like mirrors reflecting my whole past
 But he'll hang his head in sorrow
 Tearful, he won't bear the sight...

 For eternal sorrow has enveloped my soul
 Eternal sadness, opportunities lost
 To show you how I feel

 And so you will -just like everyone else-
 One day stand before the mighty judge
 Your soul full of hatred for the injustice done to you
 You thought you'd live forever
 His eyes like mirrors reflecting your whole past
 His head hung in sorrow...for he will be looking
 At a hideous, unbearable sight...

 For eternal apathy has withered your soul
 Eternal suffering has been brought upon me
 As I couldn't show you how I feel

 Looking through the eyes of eternity at a failed past that can't be undone; struggling to understand how I lost my hope; I turn to look behind me, but my Eurydice is not there any more...I allow myself to float on the waves of solitude; rebirth is not an option, so I must accept. The wind shall carry away the memories, but the eye of eternity has seen it all...
Добавлено: 04.02.2014
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