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Pace Tom - Maybe Grizzly Adams - аккорды и текст, видео

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Pace Tom - Maybe Grizzly Adams - аккорды и текст, видео

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Maybe Grizzly Adams
Pace Tom
Author/Tom Pace
Title: Maybe (Theme song from Grizzly Adams)
Album: N/A
Transcribed by: Belavia
I was looking for the chords to this song on the web,
and could not find any, so I tried writing them down myself
and it sound fairly decent.
 Any comments and/or
suggestions about this, send me an e-mail!
The tuning is STANDARD
D                         C          G                         D
Deep inside the forest is a door in to another land. 
F                  G            C
Here is our life and home.
C              F      G                    D
We are staying here forever in the beauty
          G         C
Of this place all alone.
G                  D
We keep on hoping^Å
   G                       C                           D
Maybe, there^Òs a world where we don^Òt have to run.
  G                      C                  Am
Maybe there^Òs a time we^Òll call our own.
           F              G               C             Am
Living free in harmony and majesty take me home.
Am       G
Take me home.

     D                         C                        G               
Walking through the land where every living thing is beautiful.
 F       G                   C
Why does it have to end?
 C            F                G               D               G
We are calling oh so softly on the whispering of the wind
 G         C                   D
As we send a dying message

Добавлено: 22.06.2013
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