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Outcast - Rosa Parks - текст песни, видео

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Outcast - Rosa Parks - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Ah ha hush that fuss/Everybody move to the back of the bus/Do you wanna bump and slump with us/ we the type of people
make the club get crunk

Big Boi
Many a day has passed, the night has gone by/ But still I find the timeto put the bump off in your eye/Total chaos, for these playas, thoughtwe was absent/We talking another route to represent the Dungeon Family/
Like great day, me and my nigga decite to take the back way/ Westabbing every city then we headed to that bat cave/A-T-L, Georgia,
what do we do for ya/ Bull doggin hoes like them Georgetown Hoyas/
Boy you sounding silly, thank myBrougham ainґt sittin pretty/Doing
doughnuts round your suckas like them circles around titties Damn
we the committee gone burn it down/ But us gone bust you in the
mouth with the chorus now


AndrК Benjamin
I met a gypsy and she hipped me to some life game/To stimulate then activate
the left and right brain/ Said baby boy youґre only funky as your last cut/ Youfocus on the past your assґll be a has what/ Thatґs one to live by or either
that one to die to/ I try to just throw it at you determine your own adventure/
Andre, got to her station hereґs my destination/ she got off the bus, theconversation lingered in my head for hours/ Took a shower kinda sour cause
my favorite group ainґt comin wit it/ But iґm witcha you cause you probable goin
through it anyway/But anyhow when in doubt, went on out and bought it/
Cause I thought it would be jammin, but examine all the flawsky-wawsky/
Awfully, sad and itґs costly, but thatґs all she wrote/ And I hope I never have
to float in that boat/ Up shit creek itґs weak is the last qote/ That I want to hear
when iґm goin down when allґs said and done/ And we got a new joe in town/
When the record player get to skippin and slowin down/All yawlcan say isthem niggas earned that crown, but until then.

Добавлено: 27.07.2012
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