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Out Of Hiding - Overcome - аккорды и текст, видео

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Out Of Hiding - Overcome - аккорды и текст, видео

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Out Of Hiding
Written by Justin Kendrick
Performed by Out Of Hiding
© 2011 Catapult

NOTE: These are not the official guitar chords for this song. They are far from perfect.
I have posted this so that others may perfect it with subsequent chord submissions.

C             F               C
Something is changing in the air
C             F          G     C
Something is rising all around us
C          F               C
She steps out to face the world
   C         F              G      Am
A bride who knows how much she is worth 
    Am     F         G
And all a-round the words are heard

      C          Am              F                G 
Over-come, over-come, mercy rad-iates beyond the pain 
    C        Am           F           G 
The One over-comes, cruci-fied He overtook the grave
Am  F  G     C

C           F               C
Every debt thrown into the sea
C           F                   G    C
Every fear crushed beneath His holy feet
C            F               C
Guilt can't penetrate these walls
C           F               G             Am
We've been ransomed by the One who traded all
    Am     F         G
And all a-round the world

      Am          C
I am blameless in His eyes
      F           G
I am blameless in His eyes
Добавлено: 04.08.2015
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