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Opeth - River - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Opeth - River - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Авторы музыки: Mikael Åkerfeldt
Авторы текста: Mikael Åkerfeldt
TITLE: River
ALBUM: Pale Communion (2014)

(twangy arpeggio in 4/4 time signature)
D   C   G   G   

D    C    G   G
Show me a sign
Of troubles in your heart
Spare me your lies
And tell me that you're mine
        F F    C            G      
And our bodies float on the river
N/C    F F    C    G (strum once)  
To the oceans of demi--------------se

(finger picking/arpeggio continues)
D   C   G   G   

D    C       G   G
Made me your slave
To the secrets of your silence
But you told to me stay
And you told me you're mine

F           C            G
And our bodies float on the river
F       C         G (strum once)
To the oceans of demise

D   C   G   G    (x4)
F   C   G   G    (x4)        

(keyboard only, time signature shift to 3/4)
Gm              Dm
In light of all things to come
A#m         Dm
Why do you despair?
Gm               Dm
Because when you have no one
A#m          Am     A  
No one would care
So don't care

(arpeggio, first 3 strings for each chord below)
Am    E    Dm    Am    (x2)

Dm       Am       (x4)

(strum once)
Gm                 Dm
And all things will come undone
A#m                Dm
There is nothing to share
Gm             Dm
I'll be waiting for no one
A#m           Am     A  
And no one is there
To care

(freaked-out interlude)

(strum once)
C5    B5
Can't see
C5    B5
Can't feel
C5  B5
You run
C5 B5
I long
C5 B5
I wait
C5  B5
He comes
C5    B5
Takes you
C5 B5
I can't see, can't feel, you run, I long, I wait, he comes to you... 

(begin strumming 3/4 time signature)
In the embers of summer
G5   F#5   E5   D5
All things must die
There's a passage of fire ahead
G5 F#5 E5   D5        B5
Fire   on   the other side
There comes a time when the river runs dry
Winter comes and we sacrifice
Our lives
Добавлено: 26.08.2014
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