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Operahouse - A Hundred Years - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Operahouse - A Hundred Years - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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A Hundred Years
             A HUNDRED YEARS
tabbed by: mattsem

Ok, this is the 100 years tab, great tune (
can only get parts of lead so i thought i'd just post the chords. intro is dead easy to
out though.

By the way guys, the capital Ms mean major, even though when you hover over them it 
the minor chord that's just UG being stupif or sumthin.

He sort of stabs at these chods all the way through, mainly upstrokes.

C#m F#m

100 years and it feels that long,
She sits in that seat she cries to that song
She's never felt so lonely
F#m                         F#minor
On the tip of her tongue....nobody loves me

And every night at seven or so....
She books her ticket to her favourite show
It's more than just filling up her days,
F#m                     F#minor
It's who she is and the way she's going to stay.

(Guitar 2 plays top 4 strings of these chords (upstrokes)

The final night comes and she slips on her dress
Waves down her cab and her driver in his vest
Say's what a pleasure its been all these years
F#m                             F#minor
To drive her round town all the envy of her peers

G#M                     A#minor        D#minor         F#Minor
and time....don't go so slowly anymore

Bbm      Fm        C#m          F#m                 Bbm
Strange days in her doorway, so drunk she's on her knees
       Fm          C#m     F#m
All night till the morning awake with her disease.

repeat intro

Verse 2 - same as verse 1 here are lyrics anyway

She steps out the car her best shoes on her feet
Walks up the steps and is taken to her seat
She always dreamt when she got older
She'd be the star of the show loved and looked after

Boy takes her coat as she looks him in the eye
She pulls on his shirt as she starts to cry...
Why have i wasted all this time?
Chasing a dream that could never be mine

The lights come up and the audience leave
The man to her left rolls down his sleeves
The stench of the drink and the state she was in..
The curtain comes down as she finishes her Gin

and time....don't go so slowly anymore

Repeat Chorus

C#m                         Bbm
Would you remember the faces with no heads?
C#m                         Bbm
Would you remember the faces with no heads?

F#m              Abm
Cos i don't know
F#m              Abm
Cos i don't know

end on :C#M

thanks guys,
Добавлено: 27.04.2012
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