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Ola Podrida - Lost And Found - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ola Podrida - Lost And Found - аккорды и текст, видео

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Lost And Found
Ola Podrida
            D                         A
The car crashed but everybody was okay
            G                             A
But that don't mean we're gonna have to stay
      D                                 A
So c'mon, I'm ready to go when you're done
        G                          A
Let's trash this place before we run
     G                D 
And if we both fall down
     G                     A
Another train will come around
    G                 A                D     A   
Packed with others getting lost and found

    D                                  A
By now we're finishing each other's thoughts
           G                            A
Everyone else seems to want what we've got
         D                   A
But I'm not afraid to say goodbye
     G                                 A
As long as someone else has caught my eye
    G          D    G                 A
Everyone's a dove when they fall in love
      G         D            A
The roses cover up the old debris
   G                 A
Keeping their eyes down
  D                            G
Until they can't ignore the sound
                     A               D      A
Of all the others getting lost and found

Instrumantal :D A G D A
              D A G A D

     G                  D
We all have hearts so pure
     G                  A
But some hearts can't endure
        G        D               A
The iridescent light of folly's lure
     G              A
We give in to the sound
         D                  G
Of that old train coming 'round
   G                  A               D
Packed with others getting lost and found

Ending : G A D
Добавлено: 20.10.2013
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